Sharon's offer: University of Cambridge

Having come from China, it was difficult for Sharon to adjust to an English study environment. That soon changed, with the support from her teachers and peers at SISB. Not only is Sharon fluent in English now, but she has also received offers from prestigious universities such as Cambridge. To Sharon, who joined SISB in 2017 (Grade 8 ), that is the culmination of the well-rounded education she received in SISB. This included youth achievement award programmes, and even starting Rootz, a student-led initiative that aims to do something worthwhile for the poor and the disadvantaged. The university application process was just as important to Sharon's success.
"Since Grade 10, our counsellor has helped us understand what we need to do to get into good universities. Their dedication and flexibility to meet the students' needs assisted me greatly in developing my personal statement and preparing for interviews"
Sharon, who aspires to become a researcher, had words of encouragement for her peers: "Be daring to chase your dreams! You'll never know if you don't try."