SISB Creative Arts and Media Centre

A 407-seat auditorium with a stage and an orchestra pit, and a black-box, are some of the highlights of the SISB Creative Arts and Media Centre. This centre, fully equipped with an audio studio, a filming studio and a Video Edit Suite, has been designed to provide a focal point for our Music and Performing Arts programmes. This facility hosts regular performances, including our annual large-scale theatre productions. Many opportunities will be provided for students to both perform and enjoy the experience of being an audience here.
Art   Crafts, Music and Drama lessons will also be conducted in this centre and our talented students’ work will also be displayed there in a variety of innovative and welcoming galleries.

Swimming pools

Introducing the new 25-metre competition-standard SISB swimming pool, with eight lanes and come complete with diving boards. This is the perfect arena for our students to hone their swimming skills and compete in competitions that the venue is capable of hosting.
The poolside areas are coated with non-slip mats and heat-protection rubber, ensuring that your children can walk comfortably on the poolside area while they are training.
While the new pool is perfect for budding athletes, the other pool at the NK/Primary building caters to those who are just dipping their toes into swimming, and allows them to learn the basics at their own pace.

Sports Complex

The two-storey sports complex has many space configurations that allow it to host a wide variety of sports and activities. They include, on the first floor, four 3x3 basketball courts, one full-size basketball court, two volleyball courts, one tennis court, one futsal court, and a gym with essential equipment.
The walls are padded for protection against impact, and the flooring consists of high-quality materials imported from Holland and Germany.
The air-conditioned second floor has two full-size basketball courts, eight badminton courts, four volleyball courts, and a basketball court in the centre. Soundproof curtains provide the possibility for two classes to be conducted at the same time, maximising the resources for our students.


Our two libraries, one at the NK/Primary building and the other at the Sixth Form building, are very busy parts of the school. They cater to students during snack and lunch times, as well as timetabled periods for Nursery-Kindergarten   Primary School students throughout the day.
The libraries' collection carries titles in English, Chinese   Thai and is growing steadily with access for the SISB community to printed books, e-books and online resources.
Students have access to computers and Apple iPads within the library and we use the internationally renowned Destiny Resource Manager as the library catalogue, which is accessible both on and off-campus.


Our classrooms are air-conditioned with comprehensive facilities to provide the most conducive environment for learning. In the Sixth Form building, the open design of the classrooms and surrounding environment stimulate and encourage learning for our students.