Nursery-Kindergarten Sports Day 2021

The Nursery-Kindergarten Sports Day on 25th and 26th March 2021 was a wonderful success, with students and teachers having fun and enjoying the games and good sportsmanship. The event started with a parade of house colours, followed by a dance presentation, flag raising and active sports-games. The event was a great opportunity for our students to apply what they have learnt from their PE classes into a fun and lightly competitive setting. These activities are designed to boost our students’ self-esteem, and help to develop their body coordination and confidence in body movements. Our students showed commendable teamwork, sportsmanship, and camaraderie. All our students and teachers were energetic, enthusiastic and most importantly - doing their best! 

The teams who were awarded as the Best in Teamwork were BLUE LYNX for the N1, YELLOW CHEETAH for the N2, BLUE LYNX for the K1, and YELLOW CHEETAH for the K2. The Best in Team Spirit were awarded YELLOW CHEETAH for the N1, RED LEOPARD for the N2, GREEN PANTHER for the K1 and K2. The Most Disciplined Team were awarded to RED LEOPARD in N1, BLUE LYNX in N2, YELLOW CHEETAH in K1, and ORANGE TIGER in K2. The Most Resilient Team were awarded to ORANGE TIGER in N1, GREEN PANTHER in N2, RED LEOPARD in K1, and BLUE LYNX in K2. The Best in Sportsmanship were awarded to GREEN PANTHER in N1, ORANGE TIGER in N2 and K1, and RED LEOPARD in K2.

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