SISB is a leading provider of the Singapore curriculum that is ranked top in the world for Maths and Science, based on the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). Book a school tour and experience how an SISB education can benefit your child.

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Nursery to Sixth Form (2 to 18 years old)

At the Nursery-Kindergarten stage, students learn using a child-centred approach in the early stage of their educational learning journey. In the Primary years, the Singapore curriculum, which is renowned for its excellence in Mathematics and Science, will lay a strong foundation for the child in whatever field they choose to pursue in the future.

The UK curriculum, which is used in the Secondary and Sixth Form years, offers a wide variety of subjects and electives to help our students gain more skills and become more versatile. In October 2019, SISB Pracha Uthit was officially authorised as an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School, and will offer the IB Diploma Programme from Academic Year 2020, in addition to Cambridge AS and A Levels, for Grade 11 and 12 students. 

With our focus on English, Chinese and Thai languages, our students learn and mingle with their classmates and teachers in a multi-cultural and trilingual environment amid our state-of-the-art school facilities.

Our unique curriculum

Renowned for a child-centered approach in the early years
Encourage creativity through materials and activities
Hands-on lessons to cultivate independence
Group and project based work to introduce and develop critical thinking skills
Engagement & discovery of senses
Mathematics and sciences taught by qualified teachers at an exceptionally high level

Nursery – Kindergarten

Primary 1 – 6

Grade 7 – 10

Grade 11 – 12


2 – 6 years old

6 – 12 years old

12 – 16 years old

16 – 18 years old


Child-centred curriculum

Singapore curriculum

UK curriculum

UK curriculum /  International Baccalaureate (IB)


Holistic ongoing assessment

Singapore iPSLE and school-based examination

IGCSE (UK) and school-based examination

Cambridge AS / A Levels and school-based examination / IB Diploma Programme

Top reasons why you should choose SISB

High quality holistic education

Excellent Nursery & Kindergarten Programme

Fluency in English, Chinese and Thai

Strong morals and academic excellence

Wide range of extra curricular activities

Good facilities and resources

Safe and caring environment

Quality teachers

Facilities in Pracha Uthit

Spanning 43,600 square metres, the school features well-equipped classrooms, two libraries, science and computer laboratories, a multi-purpose hall, basketball courts, swimming pools, playgrounds, sports complex, creative arts and media centre, a café, two canteens and a boarding school.

What’s Happening in Pracha Uthit?

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Wai Kru Ceremonies 2020

Wai Kru Ceremonies 2020 On Thursday, 3rd September, our Nursery-Kindergarten, Primary and Sixth Form school held the Wai Kru ceremony respectively. It is a traditional Thai ceremony for students to show respect to their teachers. Students presented their teachers with their own beautifully made flower arrangements. In return, teachers provided a blessing and words of encouragement bac...

Ror Dor Training 20200918

Ror Tor Training On 18 September, we invited a military trainer to help some Sixth Form boys on a Ror Dor (ROTC) physical training at Sports Hall. These boys will apply for the physical test on 20 October 2020. Well done boys and many thanks to the trainer for guiding our students through the training process. More about the Ror Dor (ROTC) programme: It is mandatory for every Thai mal...

N1 Open Day 2020

Nursery 1 Open Day Come enjoy a free trial of an SISB Nursery 1 class during our first-ever N1 Open Day. Understand our curriculum and speak to our friendly Admissions officers to have all your questions answered. Date Oct 6, 2020 Time: First session 09:00 - 10:30 | Second session 11:00 - 12:30 Capacity: Limited to 10 students for each session Age group: 18 months - 3 years Snack :...

Term 1 New Students Pizza Party

Term 1 New Students Pizza Party  On 4 September 2020, our new students of PU Primary had a smashing time with their buddies at the 'New Students Welcome Party'. It is a tradition we have, to celebrate and welcome new students. Every new student has a new buddy on the first day of school, to help them assimilate into the SISB family. This makes sure that every new student is well taken car...

P1 Drama Home-Based Leaning

P1 Drama Home-Based Leaning Over the past few weeks in Drama Home-Based Leaning, P1 students were asked to create their own art tableaux – a group of models or motionless figures representing a scene from a story or from history. These are great examples of our children learning from home, ably supported by parents and teachers. Let’s enjoy some wonderful reproductions. Click here fo...

N1'S Transport Creations

N1 'Transportation' Creations Last week, our N1 students started on a new theme, "Transportation". Students used their imagination to build a train using snacks they have at home. They learnt about shapes and had to be thinkers to use those shapes creatively to build their train. Some students even added passengers. Students also made buses using recycled materials, maintaining their d...

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