Objectives :
  • To provide opportunities for parents to be involved with school activities.
  • To tap on the expertise of parents for mutual benefits
  • To foster bonding between school and families.
  • To facilitate learning and developing of our communities.

Vilailuck Matchathikun (Hong).


Napatsawan Pateetin (Boom)

Vice-Chairwoman, Representing P5

Sriprapa Phetsri (Lek)

Secretary, Representing P4

Duangdol Leelamali (Aor)

Treasurer, Representing K1 & P6

Peerapa Tanawatpongsatorn (Nong)

Activities Coordinator, Representing K2, P3 & P5

Pornpimol Bumroongkit (Oum)

Public Relation Officer & Representing P1 & K2

Dusit Rungananchai (Pop)

Committee Member Representing N2 & K2

Shatsaran Thitisophon (Beau)

Committee Member, Representing N2

Ruksanun Jintananarumit (Por)

Committee Member, Representing N2

Krissana Tewarut (Lek)

Committee member, Representing N1 & P2

Thadakarn Thienlikid (Mimi)

Committee Member, Representing N2 & K2